A Perfect Place to Celebrate


Built in 1940, the open ballroom features brick walls, wood ceiling trusses and steel beams throughout. Cafe market lights are strung from the beams to add instant sparkle to your celebration for up to 299 people. 

Holiday Tour

Drinking and Social Space

The Bar

The Village's Bar Service enables you to work with our seasoned Bartenders to create your own special cocktail for your event as well as take advantage of the fully stocked Cocktail space.  This space easily adds to the social environment, being a cocktail and social space all in one area.



At The Village, you are in charge of the food.  Bring a caterer or make your own; The Village has a great food prep area that is "mother" approved!!  If you are needing some leads for caterers in the area, lets talk more! 

Changing and Restrooms


What was once the refrigeration space of the 1900's, is now the home to several ADA and Unisex restrooms.  Included in this space is a beautiful dressing room, and baby station.  With the bright decor, to light up moods for hours, the custom bathroom and dressing rooms are quite the change.  

The Added Location

The Farm

We recently purchased a second location. A 10 acre farm complete with a big red barn, large outdoor space, an old farmhouse (built in 1911), and the great outdoors. We are in the process of making it "venue ready" and have the goal of completing in September of 2020.